Dyes & colors

Industrial Applications

Textiles – To cater the needs of textile industries, we manufacture a variety of products such as dyestuffs, ultramarine blue, dyes for wax printing, inkjet dyes, textile auxiliaries, enzymes, optical brighteners, specialty chemicals, menthol crystal & peppermint, laboratory reagents etc.

Produced in sync with industry standards, these high quality products are useful for cellulosic textiles industries, polyester industries, cotton industries, silk industries, wool industries, nylon industries and other various industries.

Food Processing – We manufacture a wide collection of dyes & colors, which is extensively used in food processing industries. Made from best quality material, our range includes synthetic food colors, caramel colors, natural food colors, dyes intermediates etc. 

These products are used in food industries, beverage industries, dairy industries, confectionery industries, ice creams industries, soft drink industries, chocolate industries, bakery industries and many other different industries.

Leather – We produce leather dyes in a myriad of shades, which is used for dyeing the leather in leather industries.

Paint, Ink & Plastic – We manufacture basic dyes, solvent dyes, dyestuffs, ultramarine blue, inkjet-dyes, organic pigments, inorganic pigments and laboratory reagents to fulfill the requirements of paint, ink & plastic industries.

Pharmaceutical – Synthetic food colors and natural food colors manufactured by us are very useful for pharmaceutical industries. These are made keeping in mind international food quality standards.

Cosmetics – To complete the needs of cosmetics industries, we manufacture synthetic food colors, natural food colors, ultramarine pigments in various shades. These products are consumed to manufacture a lot of different cosmetics products.

Plastics – Solvent dyes, dyestuffs, ultramarine blue, menthol crystal & peppermint are some products, which are manufactured by us keeping in mind the basic requirements of plastics industries.

Paper – We develop basic dyes, optical brighter, ultramarine blue, menthol crystal & peppermint, laboratory reagents, which are extensively applied in paper industries.

A. Reactive Dyes
i6 M Dyes

i6 HE Dyes
i6 HEXL Dyes
i6 P Dyes
i6 Vinyl Sulphone Dyes
i6 PD Dyes
i6 ME Dyes
i6 RGB Dyes
i6 RR Dyes

B. Acid Dyes
1:1 Metal Complex Dyestuff
1:2 Metal Complex Dyestuff
Acid Milling Dyestuff
TPM Dyes
Leather Dyes
Acid Clour

C. Direct Dyes
Paper Yellow T Yellow – 11
Yello 5GLL H/C Yellow – 44
Yellow RL Yellow – 86
Orange TGLL Orange -39
Red 12B Red -31
Red 5B Red – 81
Crysophinine Yellow – 12

Yellow 5GLL Yellow – 44
Orange SE 200% Orange – 26
Scarlet 4BS Red – 23
Light Red BLN Red – 80

D. Basic Dyes
a. Basic Dyes for Inks
Basic Yellow
Basic Violet
Basic Blue
Basic Green
b. Basic Dyes for Paper
Basic Yellow
Basic Violet
Basic Blue
Basic Green
Basic Orange
Basic Brown
c. Basic Dyes for Agrochemicals
Basic Yellow
Basic Violet
Basic Green
d. Basic Dyes for Acrylic Dyes
Ribacryl Golden Yellow
Ribacryl Red

Ribacryl Blue
Ribacryl Black

E. Solvent Dyes
Solvent Yellow
Solvent Red
Solvent Blue
Solvent Black
Solvent Green
Solvent Orange

F. Oil Color
G. Petroleum Dyes
H. Inkjet Dyes – Slat Free Dyes
Dyes for Water based inkjet Inks
Dyes for Digital textile printing
Pigments for Water based inkjet Inks
I. Hair Color Dyes
Basic – Orange, Yellow, Red, Mix Brown
Acid Black
Basic – Blue, Green, Violet
Acid Violet

J. Broad Range in color chemicals are……
Dyes for wax printing

Textile Auxiliaries
Optical Brightener
Caramel Color
Synthetic Food Color
Primary, Blended & Lake food colors
Natural Food colors
Inorganic pigments
Dyes Intermediates
K. Resist Salt – Meta Nitrobenzene
L. Sulphonic Acid, Meta Nitrobenzene Sodium Sulphonate
M. HCzol Dyes for Soap and Detergent
N. Non Destructive Testing