Herbal Pesticides


Herbal Pesticides

Herbal Pesticides:

Herbal Pesticides is engaged in the research works of Bio Pesticides. We are working with different herbs and their effects to control Insects. With the wider knowledge of our team of scientists, we check the efficacy and constantly analyzing our products at the company’s demonstration farm.

Herbal Pesticides are completely safe for organic farming and maintain soil health. It controls sucking pest, Larva, Viru. For better results it is advisable to spray Herbal pesticides in standing crops after every 15 days. By the use of this pest cannot developed any resistance against it and gives consistent results.   

Herbal fungicides for Downy mildew:

Downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) affects many plants and appears as yellow to white patches on the upper surfaces of older leaves. 

On the undersides, these areas are covered with white to grayish, cotton-like fungi. These “downy” masses are most often noticed after rain or heavy dew and disappear soon after sunny weather resumes. As the disease progresses leaves may eventually turn crisp and brown and fall off even though the plant has ample water. 

Herbal fungicides for Downy mildew can be used for cotton, potato, ground nut, papaya, chili, tomato, brinjal, cumins and all other vegetables, fruits & flowers.

Herbal fungicides for Powdery mildew:

It is Common on many plants and easily recognized, powdery mildew is a fungal disease found throughout the United States. It is caused by a variety of closely related fungal species, each with a limited host range. (The fungi attacking your roses are unlikely to spread to your lilacs). Low soil moisture combined with high humidity levels at the plant surface favors this disease.

Herbal fungicides for Powdery mildew can be used for cotton, potato, ground nut, papaya, chili, tomato, brinjal, cumins and all other vegetables, fruits, flowers & Spices crops.

Herbal Viricide :

This product is especially designed to diminish plant viruses. Plant viruses are obligae intracellular parasites that do not have molecular machinery to replicate without a host. Plant viruses can be pathogenic to higher plants, and also, plant to plant transmission usually involves vectors such as insects. 

A new generation, herbal formulation leading to virus control at various crops includes: chilly, okra, papaya, tobacco, tomato, all cucurbits, and cauliflower.

“No Entry” – Herbal Animal Protector:

Our ‘no entry’ product is 100% organic, natural, and eco-friendly botanical extract combination product.

It is invented after unique research & made up from special herbs which are most effective to protect all crops from different wild and starry animals.

For getting perfect result, apply recommended dose of “no entry” product on the boundary of farm on soil surface in 5 to 10 feet area to control animals; and repeat this activity at every 15 day’s interval.

Herbal Nematicide:

This product effects to control plant nematodes. This can be apply through drip irrigation, drenching & flood irrigation also. It is recommended to apply after every 8-10 days. This is a new generation herbal formulation.

Herbal Plant Protector & Bio Booster are also new invented and available in our product portfolio as qualified manufacturer.